"The Enemy Within" s1e6

We start out down on a planets surface. Its getting vold, and Kirk, Sulu, and the Enterprise boys are getting ready to beam back up with a weird looking dog thing. A crewman beams up, covered in a weird mineral, but Scotty has trouble. In the end, however, he makes it up, Scotty scans the yellow crud he’s covered with and tells him to decontaminate. Kirk beams up next, slowly, but everything seems ok. Except Kirk has a headache, and no uniform insignia. I’m pretty sure the last part is just a continuity glitch, but the first one seems a bit odd. Except of course, you know, he was just disintegated and put back together a hundred miles away, so what could possibly be wrong?

Evil Kirk is what’s wrong. He beams in after Scotty takes Kirk off to the sickbay. You just know he’s evil from the flourish of music, the underlighting, and the wide-eyed overacting. Well, maybe less that last one…

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"The Naked Time" s1e5

The Enterprise is to pick up a scientific research group on a planet about to implode. When they get there, the staff is frozen in their arctic base, everyone dead. But its not just a life support failure. The systems are off, a woman has been strangled, a man is dead in the shower, fully clothed. Spock and another scientist named Joe, are decked out in some fancy anti-cold gear, and are checking things out. Other guy Joe foolishly removes his glove, is exposed to some blood on the ground, and then rubs his face. Worst Universal Precautions ever. Spock finishes his investigation and immediately tells him, don’t expose yourself to anything. The fact that he has to say it shows just how right he is to have no faith in anyone else on this goddamn ship.

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"Where No Man Has Gone Before" s1e4


Finally, some real space exploration.  This was actually the first episode filmed with Captain Kirk and was the second pilot for the series, and it shows.  Weird costumes, Spock smiling and a lot more green.  Seemingly important chaacters we’ll never see again. Zippers on the uniforms, No red shirts. Instead there’s blue, yellow, and slightly different kind of yellow. We have a medical doctor, in a proper science/medical blue shirt, but with an engineering badge on. Madness!

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"Charlie X" s1e3

This gave me nightmares as a child.

So, our second mission with the Enterprise is brave exploration of the galaxy!!! No, wait.  It is… taxi service and baby sitting.  Charlie is a teenage kid rescued from a colony where every one else has died years ago, and a small science ship has picked him up. They hand him off to Kirk, et al to bring him to relatives on Colony 5.

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"The Man Trap" s1e2

You say you're on Team Edward?

This is listed as the second episode in the series, but in fact was the first televised episode.  This is the order I’ll be watching them.  Maybe I’ll do “The Cage” as a super bonus at a later date.  Not sure how this is going to shake out in the long run, in terms of format, but here’s a little play-by-play, with some color thrown in and a bit of post mortem at the end.  I’m writing as I go here, so it is a bit stream of consciousness. And remember, it ain’t spoilers anymore, if the show is 45 years old. 

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